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Monday, March 10, 2008

Sports Wench

I am a sports girl. I LOVE SPORTS.

However, today this journal entry is about the players form my hometown (Pensacola, Florida).

Pensacola has produced some pretty big named players and even some small named players. If you look at the high school teams playing around there now, they have some kids giving the college recruiters a tough time.

Now, my issue with talking to people about Pensacola is that the questions they ask me are: Isn't Emmitt Smith from there? Do you know him? Yes to both. I haven't seen Emmitt since 1994 though so I don't really "know" him anymore but I knew him then.

AND...Isn't that where Roy Jones Jr., is from? Do you know him? Yes again to both. I haven't seen Roy since about 1997 so I don't really "know" him anymore either.

With that out of the way, there are quite a few other athletes from my hometown. Some bigger than others.

Ever heard of Derrick Brooks? Yeah, he plays for Tampa Bay. He is from Pensacola. How come no one talks about him?

How about Fred Robbins? He plays for this years SuperBowl Championship Team THE NEW YORK GIANTS (my favorite NFL team) AND he graduated from the same high school as I did.

Reggie Evans plays for the Philadelphia 76ers. He previoulsy played for the Seattle SuperSonics (2002–2006) and the Denver Nuggets (2006-07). I went to the high school he graduated from for 6 months. That high school is no longer in existence.

Joe Durant won 4 PGA Tours.

Travis Fryman played for the Detroit Tigers and the Cleveland Indians. Another graduate of the same high school as me. As a matter of fact, the gym at that school is named after him.

Danny Wuerffel was born in Pensacola but went to FWB High School. He played for the Florida Gators (my favorite college team). Granted he fell apart in the NFL but hey. He is a Heisman Trophy winner and a National Championship Winner.

Jay Bell played for the Cleveland Indians (1986-88), Pittsburgh Pirates (1989-96), Kansas City Royals (1997), Arizona Diamondbacks (1998-2002) and New York Mets (2003). He is another graduate from the same high school as me.

Going a little futher back, we find Don Sutton. He was a pitcher for 23 years, playing for the Los Angeles Dodgers, Houston Astros, Milwaukee Brewers, Oakland Athletics, and California Angels. He is in the Baseball Hall of Fame and ANOTHER graduate of the same high school as me. So let's recap. We have football players, baseball players, a basketball player and a golfer. Go us! Let's not even get into the whole State of Florida because we will be here for days on end.