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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

TOO Much Tuesday

Let me just say that my Labor Day weekend was very Labor intensive.

I took Thursday and Friday off to move/unpack/clean/be miserable. 5 days later and I am done moving. WOOOOO!

I am NOT done cleaning or unpacking and I damn sure am still miserable.

I am exhausted 10 different ways from Sunday. Blah.

Currently, I am typing with one hand as I hold my cell phone and work phone to my ear (both on hold). WTF?

We had a meeting this morning. The F word was used more than 20 times. Voices were raised. Stomachs turned. Hearts skipped beats. It was awful.

I've had too much. I'm stressed to my max capacity.

Dear Verizon. You can kiss my white ass. Your entire company has lost their minds. FYI: I have been on hold/on the line for 30 minutes and counting. The next CS person that answers the phone is going to hate their Tuesday. I've had too much.

After piano practice this evening.

I am going to go home and have too much.

Cherry Vodka and Red Bull, please and thank you.