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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Things I Want In My House

I have a dream house in mind but my wallet cannot afford it. So, I decided to scale back a little bit. Okay A LOT. Some of these things I will have to work for but I really want this stuff. *sigh*

In a house, one of the most important things is the closet of course. This is a mans closet but I can womanize it. Check this out.

On those days that it's just too hot to do anything else but swim, I would love to walk out to this:

After I take a nice long swim, I can go relax in the bath in something a little like this:

If I want to hang out and play a little pool or have a drink, I can always go here:

If I get hungry while playing pool, I can head upstairs and cook myself something in here:

Finally, after a rough day or swimmming and playing pool and relaxing, I can retire to something like this:

Everything is give or take on the colors of course.

A girl can semi-dream can't she?

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

In Case You Have Forgotten

Let me remind you. I am NOT a nice person. This is not high school, this is real life. And you my dear are not all that special. The fact that you have title behind your name does not give you permission to act like you are sitting at the cool kids table at lunch and talking about people. You are two faced and you run your mouth. You need to shut it.

Keep in mind that I am mean, hateful, vindictive, spiteful and very career driven. I will knock you down if you are in my way. Especially when you are a childish, pathetic excuse for a person, let alone a manager.

I give one chance to everyone. You ruined yours. You won't get another.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Mute Mondays

From this post on, Mondays will be Mute Mondays. I will describe my life/feelings etc with pictures. Mainly because I don't have much to "say" on Mondays so I want to be lazy (which I NEVER get to be). Maybe something with happen that inspires me. Or not.

Here we go:

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Don't Even

Both of you. Don't even try to think that because you are inept that you can try to make it my fault. I don't think so. Neither of you have experience in finance. And as a matter of fact YOU sent the e-mail. It's not my fault you cced the CFO of some other company. I didn't know who he was. I replied all, LIKE I ALWAYS DO when you asshats send random e-mails you have no business sending.

Really you two. You have been pushing the envelope for a few days now. I am running on 3 1/2 hours of sleep today. I didn't even get out of my driveway before I was cursing at someone.

Don't EVEN think about continuing with your stupidity.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Hey Monday

That's all.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Don't Lean On Me

***Disclaimer: The names of people and schools have been changed.***

So my Mom will lose her job next year and so will everyone that she works with.

Let me tell you something, the school she teaches at is BAD BAD BAD. The kids are BAD. Picture Lean on Me but ten (10) times worse and in middle school. Those kids are horrendous. The parents are worse and the community is worse than the two combined. TRUST ME. I grew up there. I know.

Anyway. This school has been bad for a long time. It has been progressing, slowly but surely. They BARELY failed the testing last year but not for the lack of killing themselves just to get that far. My Mom has only been there for three (3) years. And she is an ESE teacher. Each year getting a little closer to finally passing that test.

The Superintendent of Schools thinks he is Joe Clark. Joe clark HE IS NOT. So I will refer to him as Mr. Wanna Be Joe Clark. WBJC if you will.

For a school that must have TWO armed police officers on staff and six (6) others on call, with locked gates and various other things. Not to mention, it has more fights and threats than any other middle school, let him get a new staff. Trust me. It's not the staff. My Mom has been punched, knocked down, slammed against walls, spit on, bit and called every name in the book. Her purse has been stolen, her cell phone has been stolen more times than I care to think about and various other random crap. Not just by ESE kids either.

Those that know about ESE kids, they need consistency. Change will freak them out.

Here's are some excerpts from the newspaper article that my Mom sent me.

A Giant EFF YOU, TO Mr. Wanna Be Joe Clark (WBJC).

A new day has dawned for WMS
MAY 3, 2009

On Wednesday, WBJC announced wholesale staff changes for the middle school next year.

And the man means wholesale.

WBJC already has advertised for a new principal and announced the school will have new administrators, new teachers, new counselors and new coaches. Nearly all of the 80 staff positions will be filled with new people next school year. ***WTFever***

The action is a result of the 850-student school being one of 11 in Florida that failed to meet state and federal standards for student learning. As a result, the new school administration will report directly to WBJC.

As for the fate of WM, WBJC has proclaimed that it will become a "district turnaround school.'' ***Translated as: Alternative School. Now we can have bad kids and NOT be considered a 'real' school.***

It is good that WBJC sees opportunity where others might see despair. We believe WM can become a school that redefines how our children, those who might not come from the best economic backgrounds, are educated.

While we realize there are many (too many, some might say) rules and regulations from **our states capital** on how students are taught, we hope and trust that WM will become a center for innovative teaching. How can WM parents become more involved in their school? What can the community do to increase reading scores? How do we establish and sustain high standards and high expectations in children who might not be familiar with such a culture? How do we lure the best teachers to WM?

****Basically they are saying, hey lazy crackheads, put down the pipe and get involved with your children. Hey community of ignorants (yes, I know that's not a word), get involved with the kids. Hey bad ass kids from crackhouses and the ghetto, yes, you are stupid, but hey, we are going to change everything down to your level so it's okay to be that way, we will make it to where you can pass. something. And how can we LURE. They used the word LURE and said "how can we?" WMS is in the GHETTO. It is filled with gangs, drugs, violence and a shit load of kids and parents that don't give a iF YOU SEEK (C&K). Best of luck. *********I AM NOT CALLING PEOPLE STUPID. NOR AM I SAYING THAT PEOPLE FROM THE GHETTO CAN'T RISE ABOVE.**********

---Back to the article---

It certainly would be easy to sit back, point fingers and assign blame for how WM became such a problem school, at least in the eyes of the state. We have heard the same accusations as you: teachers who didn't want to teach, students that didn't want to learn and a community that didn't want to care. Unquestionably, it is a tragedy that WM has reached this point.

But we remain optimistic because WBJC is optimistic. ****Oh yeah, because he is WBJC after all. Didn't you see Lean on Me? It worked there didn't it? Maybe they will learn a class song and everything.****

"This is an opportunity,'' WBJC said, "where we can step up and do something pretty bold and significant for our students.'' We can't wait to see what's in store.

****Yeah me either.****

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

I Got A New Name

And apparently I can't use proper grammar in my title.

I really wanted a change of pace. Or name or whatever. Living For Today. Yeah, okay, so is everyone else. Big whoop (is it whop or whoop?) Eff it.

I figured I would change it up a little. Maybe I can even become a new person. Hide out a little. *looking around for some scissors and hair dye*.

I think I might get (man that sounds a little redneckish) a new backdrop (like a cool movie or something). Let me see what I can come up with. Or I can find in the free layouts section.

Maybe while THE Husband is fishing this weekend, I will sit down and create a list of stories to tell. Yeah yeah yeah, I know, I've said that before. Well, I'm saying it again. Deal with it.

Be back soon.

Monday, May 4, 2009

She Bats For Both Teams

So my friend K-vo asked me the other day what I think of Jen. At that moment, I couldn't quite put my finger on what it was about her that I was unsure of.

Then, last night, I noticed that she was being really friendly towards me. At one point she told me how beautiful I am and what an amazing smile I have. YAY compliments!! All accepted without a thought. Anyway, she told me all of this while invading my space. You know, the personal space. Touching my leg and looking all lovingly at me.

Then, as I went to leave, she gave me a big hug and as I pulled away she tried to kiss me. DUBA YEW TEE EFF? She missed and kissed my nose. UMMMM beyond awkward. I think I was stunned. It's not the first time I've been hit on by a woman and not even the first time a woman has been aggressive about it either, I was just not expecting her to do such a thing. Color me stunned.

Hey, I have no problem with who you are and who you do. Go for it. Whatever makes you happy. However, don't try to hit on me or worse yet make a move on me when one, I only play on one team and two I'm a married women. Sheesh. Fix your gaydar because it's broken.

Of course then I had to tell my friend K-vo that his love interest is a switch hitter. Which some guys think is cool but I think she likes the pink side better than the blue side.